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Smart Rx Systems In-Office Medication Dispensing

Supporting Your Practice at Every Phase of Patient Care

  • Enhance quality patient care and safety by point-of-care medication dispensing initiation and monitoring patient therapy
  • Improve practice revenue through effective financial management and reimbursement tools
  • Reduce administrative burdens with clinical tools and technology to support treatment selection, planning and administration.

The time is right to join the movement from writing prescriptions to begin offering in-office medication dispensing at your practice. As more patients are adapting to technological advancement in healthcare patients are seeking for convenience and on demand technologies. It is more important than ever to implement our fully automated medication Kiosk in your practice which will allow your to closely monitor the administration of your patients’ medication regimens—from a financial and clinical perspective—in order to support optimal patient outcomes.

You can now provide complete care and expand your services to your patients.

With The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk you now have an innovative solution that provides the tools needed to efficiently dispense medication in your practice. Not only will The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk effectively manage inventory, pricing and billing, it will also provide a better experience for your patients with no long waits, and the convenience of speaking to a live Pharmacist via our video conferencing technology located at the Kiosk.



You want the best solution for your practice and your patients. Through a combination of industry-leading technologies, breadth of product inventory, unmatched distribution capabilities and superior clinical tools, Smart Rx Systems provides your practice a quality solution for point-of-care medication dispensing.

In-Office Dispensing Features and Benefits

Capture all potential revenue in your practice with financial management tools

With The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk, you have an automated solutions to streamline pricing and billing workflow, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Help Patients

Help your patients understand and manage the financial responsibility of treatment

Multiple Funding Sources

Bill additional funding sources to alleviate financial burden on your patients – including Secondary insurance, pharmaceutical marketing / debit cards.

Reduce Admin Costs

Direct deposit consolidated reimbursement to reduce administrative and accounting burdens

Recurring Income

Ensure billing accuracy, minimize administrative manual entries and generate incremental revenue through automated reporting and pricing updates

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Reduce Administrative Burden with Seamless Integration of Technology

With The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk, you’ll have an automated dispensing solution for your practice that features a suite of industry-leading technologies including:

  • Smart Mobile app®
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic prescribing of infusion through Sure Script™

  • Single, integrated patient database
  • Tracking of compliance with generics’ prescribing commitments Smart Rx Management™ Pharmacy System

  • Easy-to-use, Windows-based prescription processing and automated claims adjudication at The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk
  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities for business intelligence

Three Benefits to In-office Dispensing

Great for patients

In-office dispensing provides immediate care and continuity in an environment patient’s trust

Patient Compliance and Adherence

Medication therapy management by a team of l licensed Pharmacist can educate on potential side effects and mitigate their magnitude, and our Smart Rx Management software can help you determine which patients need to return for a refill of their medications

Diversified revenue stream for the practice

Historically, medication claims were often lost to Community Pharmacies

Three Considerations around In-office Dispensing

State and federal laws

Local restrictions affect physician in-office dispensing, while Stark regulations should also be considered

Inventory and technology investments

While many medications can be provided on a just-in-time basis, the cost of the dispensing system and payer contracting should also factor in your decision


As practices have described to us, it’s easy to do in-office dispensing with the help of The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk

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Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions for In-office Dispensing

1. You can’t make money through in-office dispensing, so why bother?

Realistically, the economics for every practice are very different. Some cities have high costs of labor and some areas boast expensive office space rental rates. On the other hand, some geographies don’t have these challenges. A financial decision around in-office dispensing includes similar metrics, as well as the cost of the drugs, the pharmacy system, and the reimbursements available. It’s impossible to say you can’t make money without looking at your specific numbers – just as it’s impossible to say you can. To find out if office dispensing will be profitable for your practice please contact us.

3. None of the payers pay for claims submitted under an in-office dispensing program

This actually is not the case. Like many high-priced medications, payers will sometimes require prior authorization requirements to be verified before they will cover the payment. In others situations, payers may require a simple explanation and education on in-office dispensing and how it benefits the patient before approving a claim. Our automated software will prompt you through you e-prescribing system if any additional explanation will be required prior to the patient filling the medication at The Smart PharmAssit™ Kiosk.

What we discovered when looking at the availability of oral and supportive care medications on a number of national formularies for well-known pharmacy benefit managers was surprising: the number of items not covered was quite small.

5. I have to hire and manage additional staff to dispense medication

The Smart Rx Systems dispensing program will not require any additional staff, The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is a fully automated systems that has the capability to operate from a remote location. Additionally Smart Rx Systems offers an option for to operate and maintain all activities related to in-office medication dispensing services for the practice.

7. In-office dispensing means a whole new set of payers to call and a new level of administration to deal with

Actually, in-office dispensing does not mean you will have to deal with a new group of payers, but it does mean that new pharmacy benefit contracts will need to be executed with the same payers you usually call. Fortunately, Smart Rx Systems will facilitate this process with minimal additional administration. Smart Rx Systems is able to provide you access to aggressive rates with over 9,000 pharmacy benefit plans under a single Smart Rx Systems contract. In addition, Smart Rx Systems consolidates the reimbursements from each of their plans into a single payment.

9. Between the pharmacy system and cabinets for drugs, in-office dispensing takes up a lot of space

Many may think so, but The Smart PharmAssist™ dispensing system can be housed in your existing waiting room. In addition, you’ll be surprised by the limited amount of space you’ll need for The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk to be exact it 48 sqft and there is no need to store additional inventory because The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk has a real-time inventory tracking and ordering technology built-in.

2. My state’s regulations probably mean in-office dispensing is not possible for me

Actually, each state has different rules and regulations for many items, including in-office dispensing. We understand that you need to make the right decision for your practice, based on local requirements, as well as Stark regulations.

What we do know is that most states do allow physician dispensing, while some even allow practices to create a physician-owned retail pharmacy. In fact, we’ve encountered only a limited number of locations where in-office dispensing is completely restricted due to state regulations. To find out if your state allows in office dispensing please contact us.

4. Bringing in-office dispensing into your practice is disruptive and messy

Change can be challenging for any new project and in-office dispensing isn’t any different. The thing to remember is our dispensing process is not like other dispensing programs in the industry. Smart Rx Systems is the first to develop a fully automated medication dispensing kiosk which has the capability to store 225 different types of medications and can dispense over 21,000 prescriptions. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is designed to provide all the services a traditional pharmacy can provide including patient counseling by a licensed pharmacist.

In fact, customers have openly told us that The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk has made their in-office dispensing program very successful and easy to implement. The more important requirement is commitment to educating and offering patients the new in-office prescription filling service.

6. Pharmacy dispensing systems are tough to use. It’s not as easy as it sounds

The Smart PharmAssist™ dispensing system is actually very easy to use. It was originally designed for small, independent pharmacies – those without a large team working behind the counter, and where multi-tasking is a common occurrence. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk runs on Windows and is intuitive and easy to use. In our experience, most practices are up-and-running and adjudicating claims within the first day of installation.

8. It’s very expensive – just look at all the pharmacy hardware you’ll get!

That’s partially true, you do get hardware. But it’s not extraordinarily expensive. The combined monthly costs to lease The Smart PharmAssist™ dispensing system and have Smart Rx Systems operate the kiosk for you are very little to the additional revenue you will generate with in-office dispensing. When you consider the opportunity for increased patient care and a diversified revenue stream, it’s likely the expenses aren’t as high as perceived.

10. Smart Rx Systems is not interested in growing your practice, just selling you drugs

Actually, Smart Rx Systems sees in-office dispensing as another opportunity to strengthen your business as well as its partnerships with its customers. In fact, each piece of the solution – The Smart PharmAssist™ dispensing system, the Smart Rx Management™ System, payer contracting, the medication therapy management service and patient education service, etc – are all serviced provided by Smart Rx Systems.

We feel we are demonstrating our breadth of service and commitment to community by providing you with the tools for a successful in-office dispensing program.

Based on the above, we challenge you to think about in-office dispensing in a different light. We don’t think you should be asking yourself “can we do in-office dispensing?” but instead “why aren’t we already doing in-office dispensing?” or perhaps even “how do we start?”

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