Smart Rx Systems Technology & Services

Retail Automation History


What does “self-service” mean? ATM’s, Airport Check-In, Grocery Check-Out, Movie Rentals, etc. Years ago, “self-service” meant allowing customers to grab their own shopping carts. If a particular chain was really daring, it would let consumers bag their goods themselves or provide in-store catalogs where shoppers could find a product without having to ask for a salesperson.

However, the entire concept of “self-service” has radically changed over the last two decades. Self-service lanes have not just appeared in grocery stores and airports – they have become the norm.

The introduction of the Internet in the 1990’s only strengthened this trend. Suddenly, consumers could research the products online before they even walked into a store. The result has been evidenced in shoppers who are more informed, more selective, and more impatient with salespeople who provide unnecessary information.

  • There are over 10 million self-service machines in use today.
  • 86% of consumers say that they are more likely to do business with companies that offer self-service.
  • 97% of consumers said they would use a combination of self-service channels to handle a transaction.

Source: NCR 2008: The Self-Service Revolution

smart-rx-system-historyA WORLD-CLASS PARTNER

Smart Rx Systems is committed to growing its market share and adding value by expanding services nationwide through partnership with major retailers. To further this goal, Smart Rx Systems is open to forming excellent relationships with major pharmaceutical companies, national retail Pharmacies, and major retailers.

Partnering with Smart Rx Systems brings value to your organization. Our culture invokes trust for growth through long lasting partnerships. Our state-of-the-art Pharmacy Technologies make financial returns achievable. Our people create efficiencies by managing for profitability. We hope that you will join us as a partner as we make plans to grow aggressively in the years to come.

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Introduction to Retail Automated

Traditional vending machines have been around for a long time, while Automated Retail is expanding rapidly. Automated Retail is the technology, software, and services behind the self-service kiosks that sell or rent products to consumers automatically.

In the United States, supermarkets across the country have been installing automated DVD rental kiosks. These machines have been wildly successful for a couple of reasons. First, DVDs are a high volume product that normally require full-time employees, but with the automated DVD kiosks, no labor is required. Second, and more importantly, consumers are attracted to the convenience of renting from these kiosks.

Doctors’ offices are an excellent example of how Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks are serving consumers. Patients receive their prescription at the health care facility and then have to go and get their medications at a local retail pharmacy. Often times, they have to wait for an average of 30 minutes or longer (usually when sick or injured) before the pharmacy can fill their medication. With The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk, patients can fill their medication at the point-of-care rather than waiting for 30-45 minutes at a retail pharmacy.

Additionally, Retail Pharmacy services make it difficult for patients to obtain medications during evenings, weekends, holidays, or for those with transportation barriers. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks provides a proficient, self-serve automated retail pharmacy to patients when and where they need it the most.

Medications are dispensed from The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk using a multiple bar code check system to ensure the correct medication is always dispensed.

Smart Rx Systems, Inc. is the pioneer in developing a fully Automated Pharmacy Kiosk.

Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk provides technology and services to expand target markets, drive incremental revenue, and optimize costs by introducing consumers to the convenient, reliable branded and generic medications through an automated retail pharmacy experience.

  • Strong brand and generic medication awareness at the point-of-care
  • Highest sales per sq. ft. compared to retail pharmacy
  • Cost effective with lower operational costs
  • Turn-key pharmacy opportunity with leading technology and services provided by Smart Rx Systems, Inc.

No other company can offer a fully-automated, on-demand medication-dispensing solution with all the technology and services required to manage automated retail pharmacies worldwide.


Brand Awareness

Retailers and Healthcare providers now have a new revenue stream for their business with the “Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk”. We find the desired, high-traffic locations to create awareness for our partners. Each Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is supported by our leading technology and service.

Sales Productivity

With a limited amount of floor space, we provide retailers the opportunity to increase revenue with lower labor costs and optimize revenue with a custom-designed automated retail pharmacy solution. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks offers some of the highest sales per sq. ft. in the retail pharmacy channel. It is not unusual to see a Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks achieve 10 to 20 more per sq. ft. than the same space in traditional retail pharmacy.

Cost Effective

We keep our distribution, inventory, and shrink costs low. Our experienced team works closely and diligently to ensure an efficient and cost-effective operation of the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks. The 24/7 remote monitoring and secure Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk hardware also provide a significant barrier to theft. Advertising with Smart Rx Systems is a strong brand value of hundreds of thousands of impressions and Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk can deliver a very cost-effective opportunity when compared to a traditional advertising campaign.

Leading Technology & Service

We offer the leading platform in the automated retail channel. Our core technology includes best-in-class software, real-time connectivity, detailed reporting, real-time connectivity, and real-time inventory control. Key services include:

  • Turn Key Pharmacy opportunity with leading technology and services provided by Smart Rx Systems, Inc.
  • Strong brand and generic medication filling awareness
  • Highest sales per sq. ft. compared to retail pharmacy
  • Cost effective with lower operational costs
  • Handling customer questions via Video Conferencing technology at the Kiosk.

Smart Rx Systems Services

At Smart Rx Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on our comprehensive service offerings with the most experienced support team in automated retail pharmacy. All services are performed in-house: Whether it’s finding the hard-to-get locations, ensuring inventory deliveries, handling customer service calls, or making sure our Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks are well-stocked.

Location Procurement

We will leverage our long-standing established relationships with major health care providers to ensure optimal locations, i.e.: Airports, malls, grocery stores, military bases, urgent care, and retail locations.

Inventory Management

We have real time analysis, forecasting, and inventory tracking on each Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk to help us make decisions to better optimize our sales and inventory.

Logistics Management

We disburse merchandise from our distribution centers, replenishment carriers, and actual Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks.

Technical Field Service

Our certified technicians are on-call 24/7 to ensure and optimize Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks service levels.

Creative Development

At Smart Rx Systems, we understand consumers’ needs in today’s challenging and competitive rental market. Our experienced team will customize each Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk to fit your customer’s needs.

Account Management

Our account managers handle the day-to-day relationships. They are experts in retail business.

Project Management

Let our resources work for you! We have a fully dedicated project team assigned to each new project. They will manage the many details, including: Installation, maintenance, and in-stocks.

Call Center Service

Our team handles all consumer calls for product information, refills, or technical issues. Our team of licensed pharmacists have full control of the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk operations which ensures 24/7, real-time monitoring of inventory and providing customer satisfaction when and where they need it most.

Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is Revolutionizing Retail Pharmacy


Tired of waiting in line to get your prescriptions filled? We were, too. Which is why we created The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk, the smartest way to fill your prescription medications – located in multiple locations. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is designed to carry all your prescription medications and is designed as a self-service pharmacy kiosk that combines the convenience of onsite shopping with the immediate gratification of filling your prescriptions.

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks will be available in airports, malls, grocery stores, military bases, and multiple retail locations across the United States. Each Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is powered by our state of the art robotic and software technology with video conference capabilities guided by an experienced team of licensed Pharmacists.


Unbeatable Sales Productivity

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk delivers some of the highest sales per sq. ft. in retail. It is not unusual to see The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk achieve 10-20x more revenue per sq. ft. than the same space in traditional retail locations by offering brand and generic products at competitive prices.

Brand Awareness

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk – using limited floor space – is the ultimate pharmacy with a clean, secure, and well-lit display. The typical Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is located in a highly trafficked and very visible area, creating convenient prescription filling without any long waits. Advertisers will gain valuable brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of a typical ad or billboard campaign.

Leading Technology and Services

Each prescription purchase is retrieved by a robotic arm, which then delivers the prescription to the consumer. Our patented technology ensures that a consumer isn’t charged until the medication has been successfully dispensed from the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk technology provides maximum flexibility in branded and generic medication products that can be dispensed. Our service offers flexibility from location procurement to inventory logistics.

Smart RX System Technology

Our leading technology and full array of services set us apart: Best-in-class software, remote monitoring and video conferencing, real-time connectivity, detailed reporting, and inventory control. We have combined our world-class robotic technology, software, and services to create a turn-key automated retail pharmacy experience that is unique, reliable, convenient, and engaging.


  • Networked, Internet-ready Software Platform
  • Custom Multi-touch Screen User Interface
  • Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time Remote Inventory Control
  • B2B Integration Capability
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Real-time Video Conferencing


POS Software

  • Custom-branded Interface Advertising
  • Flexible Base and Promotional Pricing
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell Capability
  • Top Insurance and Health Care Provider Partnerships


  • LCD Touch-screen Interface
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Biometric Reader
  • Image Capturing Technology
  • Real-time Video Conferencing
  • Paper and Electronic Receipt Printer
  • Document Scanner
  • Facial Recognition Technology

Integration Capabilities

  • Real-time Pricing Feed
  • Real-time Sales Data
  • Real-time Inventory Control


  • Real-time Connectivity
  • Sales and Inventory Analysis
  • Impressions Data Analysis
  • Consumer Survey Data