Smart Rx Systems Partnerships

Retail Opportunity Partnerships

Mini Pharmacy

We implement Mini Pharmacies at Point-Of-Care. Each pharmacy can manage 7 Mini Pharmacies within a 50-mile radius. These Mini pharmacies are supervised by a licensed pharmacist remotely using video communications. Each Mini Pharmacy is managed by a pharmacy technician who unlocks the Kiosk and closes the Kiosk under the strict supervision of the remote licensed pharmacist. All prescription dispensing is also verified by the remote pharmacist. The Mini Pharmacy is a closed-in pharmacy and follows all regulations as the managing pharmacy.

Physician groups can become a partner in that individual LLC Pharmacy and share in the profits from 10% to 40%. All operating expenses are shared between Smart Rx Systems and Physician Group for that particular pharmacy. Both partners pay costs according to the percentage of ownership and share profits and losses according to the percentage owned. These partnerships are created for a minimum of 60 months and are renewed automatically. The Mini pharmacy leases the space from the Physician Group and the Pharmacy leases the Kiosk and implements the Mini Pharmacy. All administrative tasks like vendor payments, lease payments, HR, Payroll, Monthly Profit & Loss statements, inventory purchases, reconciliations, pharmacy audits, and other tasks are performed by Smart Rx Systems for a minimum fee. All sales and inventory records are recorded daily, and the loss/profits are distributed on a monthly basis. The profit & Loss statements are created within 30 days from the end of the month and distributed. Checks are disbursed at the same time.

If the physician Group is not interested in partnerships, Smart Rx Systems can implement a 100% owned Mini Pharmacy in the lobby of the Physician Group by leasing a space of 125-150 sq. ft of space and pay rent to the Physician Group. We will still provide services to the patients at the point-of-care.


Other Relationships

Similar relationships can be contracted with Medical Office buildings (MOB), corporate offices, and retail outlets.

Our main mission is to serve our patients the best we can and help our patients get well soon.

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