Smart Rx Systems Partnerships

Retail Opportunity Partnerships

We collaborate with numerous organizations to develop products and innovative processes that would be impossible to develop otherwise. Our recent collaborations illustrate our efforts to work with various kinds of organizations worldwide – in diverse areas of focus – to help make our commitment to sustainable innovative technology a reality.

Retail Opportunity

Consumers today are truly multi-channel shoppers and are, increasingly, as comfortable shopping online as they are in a retail store. Shoppers expect a consistent, engaging, and satisfying buying experience, regardless of the channel. Self-service has become a critical retail strategy, vital to delivering a world-class retail experience.

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk:

  • Has the capability to rapidly expand into traditional and non-traditional retail
  • Has the highest sales per sq. ft. in retail
  • Is convenient and secure
  • Has low operational costs

The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks provide an innovative, medication filling experience in retail locations.


Retail Benefits

At Smart Rx Systems Inc. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service offerings with the most experienced support team in automated retail pharmacy. All services are performed in-house, whether it’s finding the hard-to-get locations, ensuring inventory deliveries, handling customer service calls, or ensuring that our Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks are well-stocked.


The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is an interactive, unique shopping experience in retail and health care locations, i.e.: Emergency rooms, urgent care, grocery stores, airports, hospitals, and military bases. Consumers can get brand and generic medications with the convenience of retail shopping while getting the immediate gratification of traditional retail pharmacy. There are no long waits, and we are never closed for business.


With a limited amount of floor space, we have the highest sales per sq. ft. in retail and the lowest labor costs. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk has eliminated product shrink and optimized revenue with a custom-designed, automated retail pharmacy solution. It is not unusual to see a Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk achieve 50-100x more per sq. ft. than the same space in traditional retail pharmacy.


Open 24/7, shrink-resistant, and 99% up-time: Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks offer the ultimate convenience for consumers and retailers. A Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is always open for business, requires no staffing, and is secure. Our real-time remote monitoring ensures optimal performance and our custom-designed hardware offers a secure, shrink-resistant environment for many branded, generic, and OTC products.


Our experienced team works closely and diligently to ensure an efficient and cost-effective operation of the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosks. The 24/7 real time remote monitoring and secure hardware provides a significant barrier to theft.