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Smart Rx Systems is a global healthcare leader in automation. We are the first company to develop an on-demand medication dispensing kiosk designed to help the world get their medication when and where it is needed the most. Smart Rx Systems is the developer, manufacturer, and operator of the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk line of remote healthcare technologies and services. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is a remote pharmacy dispensing technology that allows people to have access to multi-lingual pharmacy services 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk uses scanning and biometric technologies to provide patients with a remote, face-to-face consultation with a pharmacist and the opportunity to have their prescriptions filled quickly and safely.


Vision, Commitment, & Mission

Revolution is inevitable: The human desire to improve, invent, and innovate is relentless. From the industrial revolution to the information age, change has been the one constant – changes that have affected how we work, live, and even think. Yet when we look back to the shifts in the global culture, we cannot deny that the structures these revolutions have been built on are outdated, inefficient, and detrimental.

At Smart Systems Inc., we believe the world is upon the dawn of a healthcare revolution, and it is clear that innovation is the key. For over a decade, we have defined our core business as innovation. We focus on creating solutions by incorporating resources from every industry to develop new technologies and leading-edge products that are good for our business and our customers. One example of such technology is The Smart PharmAssist™. This robotic technology has over 20,000 machines installed in over 10 markets worldwide.

As the population grows, contemporary healthcare demands are increasing, and Smart Systems Inc. is focused on developing original, advanced technologies to meet the expanding interest. Our company keeps evolving, and we will continue to further ignite our business dreams under the banner of Smart Systems. We will promote consistency, collaboration, strength, and the pioneering of ground-breaking technologies and products in the years to come.

This upcoming technological revolution will require a radical shift in how we think, how we live, and how we do business at Smart Systems Inc. We are seeing more opportunities for ingenuity than ever before. With more people coming together, transformation becomes possible: New partnerships, new possibilities, and new solutions. We are encouraging a shift to modern, state-of-the-art systems that work and save time, to moving forward – beyond even our imagination – to an optimistic view of the future.

We invite you to explore and embrace the innovative revolution created by Smart Systems!


Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of people globally. Through our innovative technologies, we thrive to be the customer’s first and best choice in the products and services we provide. We aspire to be the best healthcare company in the world and are dedicated to providing new innovations and solutions for tomorrow. Our goal is to implement and transform healthcare into a modern, efficient, and quality-driven system. We will strive to reduce costs and improve quality across the healthcare industry more effectively and efficiently.

Our Commitment

At the heart of Smart Rx Systems, there is a very clear and principled code of conduct – one we expect all employees, partners, and management to live by every day. We operate under a genuine value system — our pledge — that demonstrates integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective, and honesty as the foundation for everything we do.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to innovate new technologies and ideas that improve productivity and ensure safety, privacy, and accuracy – all while providing the most convenient and efficient service available for patients and the medical industry.

The Smart RX System Pledge

The Smart Rx Systems Pledge is our commitment to how we do business. It is a declaration that compels us to listen more, to consider our actions and their impact broadly, and to lead responsibly. It helps us to convert our values into actions and to make clear who we are.


Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage. We meet our responsibilities with the highest possible standard of business ethics and personal conduct. Building on these values, we are committed to achieving our goals.


Our success is achieved through the efforts of individuals working collaboratively in teams. We share our knowledge and skills with others to succeed.


Each of us, whether working individually or on teams, is responsible for our actions and contributions.


Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is essential to the company’s long-term success.


We value a work environment that promotes and encourages honest and open dialogue.


We approach our work with passion and high expectations while inspiring a healthy, competitive spirit to succeed.

Trust and Respect

We build and maintain constructive relationships. Our actions earn credibility and honor the dignity of others.


We foster an inclusive work environment that encourages and respects the expression of unique cultures, ideas, and opinions. We recognize that what makes us different as individuals makes us stronger as an organization.


We believe that our role in being an active community partner is an essential part of our culture. We remain engaged with the communities in which we work and live by supporting outreach programs that make a difference and improving the lives of others within our communities.


We will listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue. We will broaden our understanding of issues in order to better address the needs and concerns of society and each other.


We will ensure that information is available, accessible, and understandable.


We will use sound and innovative science and thoughtful and effective stewardship to deliver high-quality products that are beneficial to our customers and to the environment.


We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers, consumers, and the environment will be our highest priority.

Act as Owners to Achieve Results

We will create clarity of direction, roles, and accountability; build strong relationships with our customers and external partners; make wise decisions; steward our company resources; and take responsibility for achieving agreed-upon results.

Create a Great Place to Work

We will ensure diversity of people and thought; foster innovation, creativity and learning; practice inclusive teamwork; and reward and recognize our people.

Executive Management


Sandeep Mathow

Founder, Consultant

Sandeep Mathow RRT, CFP, CHO. Founder, and Consultant of Smart Rx Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of medical industry experience, Mr. Mathow designed the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk to serve the growing demand of pharmaceutical and over the counter (OTC) medication in the U.S.A. as well as Worldwide. The Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk will provide connivance and cheaper affordable medications to customers nationwide. Mr. Mathow has experience working with a major drug manufacturer, Allergen Pharmaceuticals, as a drug marketing specialist. He was able to see firsthand the profitability associated with the prescription drug industry, as well as the inefficiencies with which most companies are plagued. Mr. Mathow has an undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from the University of California and Mr. Mathow also holds an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy from Orange Coast College.


Santu Rohatgi

COO, Founder, Chairman & President

Santu Rohatgi, CPA, CM&AA, MBA, MA, is SRXS Chairman and President. Currently, he also serves as Chief Financial Officer till the company grows to 25 pharmacies strong. Prior to joining SRXS Inc. Mr. Rohatgi was a Senior strategy, finance, operations and business transformation executive with over 25 years of experience leading turnarounds and driving growth for global start-up to Fortune 500 technology and business service organizations. He has experience in managing multi-functional teams and large-scale projects, supporting mergers and acquisitions, and presenting objective strategic recommendations to stakeholders and investors. Mr. Rohatgi’s expertise includes financial and strategic planning, accounting, capital raising, and general administrator. He has deep knowledge in reporting, operational improvements, contract negotiations, due diligence, cost reductions, project management, Virtual Cloud and ERP system implementations. Mr. Rohatgi has held various management positions at NCR, AT&T, Universal Credit Card, Fore Front, and Ceelox. His schools include Wright State University, George Washington University, Harvard Business School Online, and Wharton Online University Of Pennsylvania.


David R. VanValkenburg

David R. VanValkenburg is an experienced corporate executive and seasoned member of corporations’ boards of directors. His corporate experience includes four (4) years as an Investment Analyst, ten (10) years in general management, sixteen (16) years as a President of private and Public companies, and over twenty (20) years as a member of twenty-two (22) public and private corporate boards of directors.

Customer Focused Smart RX Pharmacy Personnel

Kelly Kwak, PharmD

Kelly Kwak, PharmD is a pharmacist at Smart RX Pharmacy in Tyler, Texas. Kelly is committed to helping patients achieve better health through medication. Kelly received her doctor of pharmacy from University of North Texas College of Pharmacy. Kelly is involved in the implementation and enhancement of compounding medications tailored to patients’ specific needs and providing medication therapy management services. Kelly is an active member of American Pharmacists Association.

Ngan Naomi VO, PharmD, RPh


Citlalli Ruiz, CPhT

Jonathan Ramnauth,PharmD, RPh

Pharmacist Department Manager

Jessica Vera

Pharmacy Technician

Theerarat Chaisuriwirat

Corporate Staff

Theerarat Chaisuriwirat, an optimistic and self-driven person, is a Biomedical Engineer. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2019 with a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, besides that she also has a background in chemical engineering from her bachelor’s degree. She is an accomplished and detail-oriented engineer, and she enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at Smart Rx Systems Inc.

Brent Clark

Interim Controller

Brent Reid Clark is an accounting professional and Interim Controller for Smart Rx Systems, Inc. Graduated from Western Governors University with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting in 2018 and a Masters of Science in Accounting in 2020. Currently pursuing his Certified Public Accounting (CPA) License with his first of four exams passed on the first attempt, he will have his CPA license by the end of 2021.