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Retail Automation History

Smart Rx Systems is always searching for intelligent and driven individuals across all areas of business. Smart Rx Systems is looking to build its reputation in the automated retail industry upon the skills and determination of our most valuable asset – “our people”.
We are proud to offer candidates a dynamic career, personal growth, a strong tradition of mutual trust, integrity, and an opportunity to make an impact on the business. New employees find that Smart Rx Systems has a well-defined vision, a strong sense of values, and a long-range, quality-minded approach to business.
Simply put, it feels a bit different to work for Smart Rx Systems. We are universally driven by our fundamental values and beliefs. Here are some of our values:

  • Our people have the right and duty to be involved, to know what is expected of them, to influence decision making, to be accountable, and to understand results.
  • We care about our people and are committed to helping them realize their full potential, knowing that the needs of the company are best met by meeting the needs of our people.
  • Smart Rx Systems is a very special company, and only very special people work here.
  • We can only be a quality company if we are never satisfied with the quality of our company.
  • Profit must be a result of all our contributions. While it is not the only goal of the company, it is like breathing, which is essential to life.

If you are interested in a career in and have a passion for the automated retail industry, please feel free to contact us by emailing the address below with a Resume/CV, Cover Letter, and at least 3 Professional References. Please type “RESUME” in the subject of your email.

We offer a competitive compensation package.

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Career Information

Why Work at Smart Rx Systems

Smart Rx Systems has always embraced innovation and always focused on helping to make a better world. You can see it in our revolutionizing technology and in our dynamic state of the art product where your skills and your career can grow. We know that every day, new ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. At Smart Rx Systems you’ll be respected, you’ll contribute to the bottom line, and you’ll help build better technologies for patients.

Career Development & Growth Opportunities

From your first day at Smart Rx Systems, you’ll be expected to learn, contribute, and grow your career. We believe that to progress as a company, we must help each individual progress. Your performance is measured and rewarded on an ongoing basis through our innovative Development, Performance, and Rewards (DPR) process. Goal setting, coaching, and feedback are essential components of DPR. You’ll also find plenty of continuous professional growth and development through a variety of technical, professional and managerial seminars, conferences, and continuing education.

Why Work at Smart Rx Systems

At Smart Rx Systems, you’ll find a team-focused environment that thrives on innovation and encourages you to do extraordinary things. That’s because every day, we give you the chance to take novel approaches to new innovations and services by pledging over one million dollars in research and development every year. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and your experience, you’ll give people around the world the ability to experience innovative services in the medical industry. This is where your ideas could push the limits of medical technology.

Our People

At Smart Rx Systems, we thrive on building careers and developing talents. From the first day on the job, employees will be motivated by challenging work, valued for their contributions, appreciated for who they are, and rewarded for their part in the company’s success. Our people create a great working environment and a phenomenal team that is committed to helping our employees and our customers.

Diversity at Smart Rx Systems

At Smart Rx Systems, diversity is not a program or initiative: It’s the way we do business and one of the keys to our success. To sustain and grow our business across the nation, we require diverse business perspectives and the flexibility to work with a variety of people wherever we conduct business. Our work must reflect and respect the cultures, ideas, and interests of all the consumers we serve and the communities we touch.

Smart Rx Systems commitment to diversity is reflected prominently in two key components of Our Pledge:

  • Dialogue: We will listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue to broaden our understanding of issues in order to better address the needs and concerns of society and each other.
  • Respect: We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world.

With our commitment of recognizing that different members of the company have broad and varied needs, Smart Rx Systems supports a variety of employee-organized and led diversity networks: African American, Asian, Hispanic, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Families, Veterans, etc.

Another key driver for diversity is the commitment of our senior leadership, from our CEO to the Executive Team, and their direct reports. Smart Rx Systems develops more leaders to shape our culture of inclusion, and encourage the mentoring and recruiting of diversity champions at every level.

Our success depends on our strong ongoing efforts to attract, retain, and develop talented employees with broad experiences and backgrounds that bring new and innovative ideas and viewpoints to our organization.

Smart Rx Systems Culture

Smart Rx Systems is proud of our winning culture which is based on several important norms:

  • Taking ownership of the company’s success
  • Delivering the highest quality products and technology
  • Building strong relationships
  • Creating a great place to work
  • Conducting ourselves with integrity

Our culture is team oriented and entrepreneurial. It gives people a chance to make bigger, earlier, and more frequent contributions than would be the case in many companies. For people who want to learn quickly and be given the opportunity to try new things on “live” projects, Smart Rx Systems is a great place to work. The degree to which we emphasize and encourage personal and group development is unusual in the business world. This is an integral part of our belief that how we work together and develop – as people and as an organization – is as important as what we produce.


Who We Hire

At Smart Rx Systems, we look for professionals in different types of positions across our business. We routinely seek professionals in the following areas:


At Smart Rx Systems, you’ll find a real commitment to technology, to innovation, and to your engineering career. We look to invest more than one million dollars every year to develop and deliver innovative technologies. This also helps develop your skills and keeps you on the cutting edge.
Our Engineers thrive on challenges, and they all passionately work to advance robotic and electrical manufacturing in imaginative ways. At Smart Rx Systems, we’ll give you the opportunity to apply your skills and contribute, advancing the state of the art in new, innovative technologies. We also offer blended career paths that give you the opportunity to collaborate and apply your critical thinking to the most vexing issues we face as a people.
Engineering at Smart Rx Systems takes many forms, including:

  • Robotic Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Project or Area Leads
  • Software Engineers
  • Drafting/Design Engineers
  • Process Safety Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers

Sales Associate

Smart Rx Systems brings to market some of the most revolutionary products in the industry. As we continue to invest more than one million dollars every year to develop and deliver innovative technologies, that translates into a trait pipeline and the support your sales career needs to thrive.

As part of our expanding sales team, you’ll benefit from Smart Rx Systems’ goal to increase our market share and continue to earn the trust of our customers. We plan to have a growing pipeline of effective products and innovative industry leading technologies. At Smart Rx Systems, Sales is part of our culture which offers careers in many areas, including:

  • Area Business Managers (ABM) – Manage, mentor, and coach the sales representatives within a defined area. They also partner with our Management team to ensure that individual sales goals can be achieved.
  • District Sales Managers (DSM) – Partner primarily with medical facilities in a defined district to meet business goals and achieve long-term growth through existing and new relationships within the district.
  • Territory Sales Managers (TSM) – Develop relationships with 30-50 medical facilities and deliver the Smart Rx Systems’ brand experience through specific recommendations of our products.
  • Key Account Managers (KAM) – Effectively sell the value of Smart Rx Systems’ products to Medical offices, Healthcare providers, Hospitals and Retail locations.

Some of the unique features of these roles include:

  • The ability to create and implement marketing plans and sales strategies for your specific territory
  • The opportunity to positively impact the success of farming operations in your local community
  • These roles do include local travel to visit with health care providers, customers, and retailers – a company car program is provided
  • Sales training and continuous opportunities for career development and advancement


• Smart Rx Systems invests more than one million dollars on research and development to deliver innovative technologies and give our employees’ the chance to take novel approaches to revolutionize current systems. By incorporating cutting-edge, remote robotic technology and their experience, Smart Rx Systems will give retailers around the world the ability to serve more people – 24/7 – with new, innovative technologies. This is where our employees’ ideas could push the limits of new innovative service with technology and maybe even change the world.


• At Smart Rx Systems, technicians help support some of our greatest challenges. Our technicians also have the support of an organization dedicated to their success and development. We invest over one million dollars on development and innovative technologies and we count on our technicians to operate, support, and implement new ideas to run our systems flawlessly.

Information Technology

• At Smart Rx Systems, our IT department help support some of our greatest challenges. They also have the support of an organization dedicated to their success and development. We invest over one million dollars on development and innovative technologies and we count on our IT team to operate, support, and implement new ideas to run our systems flawlessly.


• Every day, our organization grows and succeeds – creating opportunities for Finance and Accounting professionals. We have projected a billion dollar in sales, in the next few years, with plans to expand nationally. Our goals are to achieve our financial objectives, improve operations, and increase organizational effectiveness. That’s how we continue to grow with new, innovative technology and continue to live our company mission.


• Smart Rx Systems has revolutionized the way medications are being dispensed with our revolutionary, state-of-the-art Smart PharmAssist™ kiosks that bring the convenience of pharmacies everywhere – when and where needed, 24/7. At Smart Rx System, we empower our pharmacists to serve patients remotely by filling medications via our remote automated Smart PharmAssist™ kiosk. We give our pharmacists more time on counseling patients and providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM), as well as drug therapy via our remote video conferencing technology. As a pharmacist professional with Smart Rx Systems, the work you perform will be interesting and challenging, and you’ll be involved in the development of new systems and applications developed to make medication management safer and more convenient.

Smart RX Systems Hiring Information


Our hiring process is closely linked to corporate strategy. As a result, we’ve identified five competencies indicative of success throughout our organization. These serve as the essential characteristics we look for in new hires:

  • Relationships and Networks – In our company, you’ll regularly engage with teams and networks across geographic, political, demographic, functional, and other cultural and organizational boundaries.
  • Courage and Candor – Facing some of the world’s toughest challenges head on and being able to respectfully disagree about how to do it are highly valued traits at Smart Rx Systems.
  • Agility – In the dynamic industry we operate within, flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations creates more opportunities along the way for our customers and your career.
  • Initiative and Foresight – Recognizing the opportunities ahead of you and acting on them can mean the difference between the next great breakthrough and a missed opportunity.
  • Results Orientation – Delivering results is integral to both your career’s success and our success as a company. We look for people that want to contribute from day one and turn strategies and commitments into realities.

Flexible Benefits

We offer our people options for medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and other insurance coverage so they can select the programs that best meet their needs.

Future Financial Security

We provide a savings and investment plan (a 401(k) plan) and a financial planning program as vehicles for employees to create and manage their financial future.

Benefits and Rewards

Excellent development opportunities and a great working environment: Our compensation and benefits philosophy is to provide competitive rewards to attract and retain the best talent and foster a sense of ownership in the company. Smart Rx Systems’ annual incentive program is tied to the performance of the company, your team, and you.
Employee benefits are an important part of our culture. We provide a wide range of benefits aimed at meeting the diverse needs of our employees.
The following is intended to provide you with a high-level overview of the benefit plans Smart Rx Systems offers to eligible employees. This information is not intended to provide you with full benefit plan details.

Right Balance of Work/Life

Smart Rx Systems’ vacation schedule is generous, with full-time employees given four weeks in their third calendar year of service in addition to 10 holidays per year. Through unique family-friendly programs, Smart Rx Systems’ goal is to help employees keep the right balance of work/family life.